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Uwin at OZshop, a family business providing U the customer with the best products at an affordable family friendly price. We are proud to be supporting Steve Turner and his dream and vision to bring his music and creativity to family’s and friends alike.

The Uwin at OZshop is providing the pre release version of the Yum Yum tracks- order your copies and download here and support this great and vibrant Australian artist.


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Scott Monis from Solar clean is one of our sponsor – Scott fully understands any needs associated with Solar cleaning and Solar technology…..A great friendly Australian   http://www.alphananosolar.com.au/



The Pure AirNergy Consortium  consists of seasoned Generationally wealthy business Entrepreneurs, Financial experts and Business leaders, with a vision to make a difference.


We are proud to be sponsoring this man who loves his family first and we believe his song crafting and creativity should be shared across the nation.




Be an Inspiration to others and march to the beat of your own drum. Persevere and take the time to aspire to be who you really are. Live each day like its your last fulfilling your dreams and goals you have set in your life, and be the best you can be as you venture on your chosen path. Rise Above to Express Your Freedom.

-Jesse Turner


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