Original Song writer

Steve Turner

The Soul of Music 
I want to thankyou for finding your way here.

The song “Yoocum Together” was written carefully, selecting lyrics that matched the emotions and experiences we were all facing in  world changing event,  set to change us all forever.

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I have not done anything musically for awhile now…With the advent of the huge changes in the world and the duanting effects on all peoples across the world, I felt compelled to step back in the ring and share my song writing craft and  to encourage all the people who have suffered across the world both here in Australia and every nation.
Steve in the studio

The story

The Yoocum Together Project.

In the Studio

On location with Amanda King

Benny D Williams – Engineering

Yoocum Together song written to inspire and enourage people of all walks of life. Learn this as part of your Music Therapy session.

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