Finding great singing lessons on the Gold Coast

Have you ever wondered how to find a singing teacher that can take you from where you are to where you want to be in learning to sing and perform?

We specialise in working directly with the client in a non-pressured environment, whereby you or your child can build confidence and work steadily with each of the vocal tasks set before you.

Our tutoring is covered in a relaxed atmosphere.

I often get the question, Do I believe anyone can sing? My short answer is yes. Given the right encouragement and training.

Can anyone be a professional singer? This question comes down to Passion Determination and discipline.

With most things in life, if you have the passion for succeeding, then apply training, dedication and discipline, then yes you can succeed.

As an example. Mr Stuey V first came to us for some singing lesson in 2016 and visited us on the Gold Coast.singing lessons

He had passion, a vision, drive determination and discipline. He wanted to be the best Elvis Tribute artist he could possibly be and give honour to the king of Rock and Roll Mr Elvis Presley himself. Stuey is a dedicated passionate man and dedicated to honouring the life of Elvis Presley. It is this dedicated passion and love for his Idol that has propelled him on to success.Not only that he is a great guy and we have enjoyed mentoring him in this first stage of his fantastic career ahead of him.

If you have a passion and determination you too can reach your dream like Stuey has.

Of course, this took a number of hours of rehearsals both together and individually and the whole band had a great time doing this together. If you would like to see Stuey live can you follow him on facebook here Thanks to Steve Wisby, Mike Andrews, Peter Novak, Chris and John Reardon and of course all the wonderful ladies behind us all.  Carol, Shelley, Maddie, Julie, Judith, and any I’ve missed.

If your not sure about singing lessons and want to have a chat visit our page and fill out our contact form here

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