Coronavirus 101 what you need to know to prepare and prevent

We have had a makor impact on our society both locally and globally. The Corona VIRUS 101 what you need to know and prevent.

As teachers and mentors looking after our families, children, husbands and wives is of real important to us.

That is why as part of our family we decided to launch two  fun childrens’s songs that you could download for free.

Thes songs are a part of Yum Yum Wold Adventures that we are progressively getting into the market.

Washing our hands has become a very important taks to do aon a regular basis and making it fun for children is doubcly important.

We would love fo you to download for free ‘ Wash your hands before you eat and 5 little wagtails. We also have a free colouring in download for your children to do in this time.

Clik on the images below or you can  visit Yum Yum Wolrd Adventures directly here

we are hopeflully doing our little bit for  The Corona VIRUS 101 what you need to know and prevent.

You can also visit Yum Yum World on

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