Kids Music Reviews 2019

Our review on the best kids animated music show is here

Without a doubt Yum Yum World has hit the internet with some exciting magical journeys on the horizon. There is a great story behind this dream of its creative founders Steve and Julie Turner having originally performed a live show in Adelaide in the Adelaide playhouse and a number of other venues. Steve realized back then that the time wasn’t right to take it forward as the Wiggles had just come out and they Steve didn’t have the necessary background to launch it at the level they needed to.

It wasn’t until they moved to Queensland in 2013 that the dream started to become a reality with some great mentors and business people coming on board and providing the necessary framework and funding to allow the real magicla Yum Yum World to come to life and to be taken to the world.

Now Steve and Julie have begun the first level of marketing across Australia and social media

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