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Steve Turner is a professional musician, composer and producer on the Gold Coast,

Steve’s songwriting and crafting grew from a number of areas including knowing and working with kids on the street. Steve Turner’s composing is like poetry in song.

Some of his early days began in Adelaide when he would bring out his guitar and sit on the front porch and sing, and the young kids from around the street would come and listen.

Steve’ composing artistry around his songs are inspirational, exciting and thought provoking.

Steve  has extensive experience and interaction as a professional performer, producer and composer across multiple music genres and theatre, having taught music to students of various ages, his interaction as a Father with his children and having worked with Street kids and performed nationally across Australia with shows on the plight of street kids.

Steve’s Composing and producer experience:.

  • Composed produced and performed original children’s show in the playhouse Adelaide
  • Toured Australia with a 30 strong team of performers taking the plight of street kids to the theatres in the 80s.
  • Lead singer in 25 piece jazz bands
  • Lead singer in small jazz ensembles
  • MC and lead singer of Dance productions at Playhouse in Adelaide.
  • 25 voice Acappella choirs
  • Backing vocalist
  • Lead and backing vocalist in rock and gospel and country and western bands
  • Keyboard and synth player on several independent recordings.
  • Acting and singing in numerous theatre shows.
  • Live radio performances

Steve runs workshops on songwriting providing the foundations for creating your song and melody.

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