AKG P820 Tube Dual – Capsule Tube Microphone


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AKG P820 Tube Dual – Capsule Tube Microphone

AKG P820

The AKG P820 Tube high-performance multi-pattern tube microphone is an excellent tool for highlighting lead vocals, brass instruments, electric guitars and drums. With its dual one-inch diaphragm capsule and the advanced ECC83 dual-triode circuitry, the P820 Tube delivers real tube sound and raises the bar in its class of affordable tube microphones.

Nine polar patterns, for amazing versatility

The AKG P820 Tube includes a remote power supply with a rotary switch that lets you select the microphone’s polar pattern from omnidirectional (fully counter-clockwise) to cardioid (center) to figure-8 (fully clockwise). Between those settings are six intermediate patterns. All the switch positions are detented, so your settings are easily reproducible in the heat of session. This feature – along with its gorgeous sonics and high-SPL capabilities – will make the P820 Tube your go-to studio workhorse mic for any number of recording applications, day-in and day-out.

What you can do with this workhorse mic

Two singers, one mic: grab the AKG P820 Tube, set it to figure-8, and you’re good to go. Record a sax solo overdub with natural “slap”: position the P820 Tube (again, on figure-8) between the sax player and the control room window; adjust mic position to taste. Ginormous Val Garay-style toms (two racks and a floor): three P820s on cardioid, fairly close-in – just don’t let the drummer hit the mics! Full symphony orchestra, Bob Fine’s Mercury Living Presence technique: again, three P820s, this time set to omni, across the proscenium arch; record to three tracks panned left, center, right. Set your levels for peaks, then leave those faders alone and let the conductor balance the orchestra. We could go on, but even without exploring the intermediate polar pattern settings, you can already see how the P820 Tube can be used in any number of ways to produce incredible sounding tracks.

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