Miktek PM11 Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone


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The Miktek PM11 Kick Drum Mic gives you back artistic control. Over the past decade, the trend in kick drum mics has favoured pre-equalised, purpose-built mics: crack the fader and voila: instant kick drum mojo.

But what if you want your bass drum to sound like, well, the drum – rather than the mic? Here’s where the PM11 comes into play. It is indeed purpose-built for kick, so it’s tough-as-nails and has mountains of meat, but it’s not so pre-EQ’d that every bass drum sounds the same through it.

It’s also great on bass cabs and other bass-intensive sources. You do get tons of low end and excellent definition, however the Miktek PM11 lets you – the engineer – shape the sound.


  • Great-sounding kick drum mic
  • Tough-as-nails, with mountains of meat
  • Beefy low end and excellent definition
  • Gives you control over your kick sound

The PM11’s frequency response is full and robust and is perfect for reinforcing bass drums in live sound applications. Plus, the capsule’s unique labyrinth design provides ultimate rear rejection and maximum gain before feedback, so your kick, or kicks, cut though the PA with clarity and distinction. The deep and honest response makes the PM11 kick drum mic ideal for studio applications.

With high SPL capabilities the PM11 can easily accommodate the loudest drummers and can even be used to mic up loud bass guitar amps. The PM11’s steel grill and die cast body ensure durability and reliability night after night.

The PM11 can be set upon a traditional mic stand using the included holder and the ultra sleek, silver finish with stainless steel and black appointments make the PM11 an attractive complement to any drum kit.

The Miktek PM11 kick drum microphone will reproduce the sound of your bass drum faithfully, delivering a solid foundation to any live or studio performance.

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