1984 International Year of Youth

Steve joined a theatre troupe that embarked on taking the plight of Street kids to the theatres across Australia.

The show “Regardless” was based around an old circus performer who himself had fallen on rough times and was living on the street.

An interaction takes place between the street kids and the Circus performer.

The circus performer sees the potential of the street kids and starts to build a relationship and encourage them and then start to teach them that they are worth something.

The show “Regardless” was a Mime based show with a very small dialogue.

Steves stage character was Stud…….

The Theatre troupe goes on to end up living on very little…

At the beginning of the year when grants were available the Government said we were too ambitious

  • We got it off the ground on a shoestring budget.
  • We reapplied and  Government said they dont fund programmes already running.

We were the only event that happened Nationally for International Year of Youth – but sadly no funding

We went on that year to perform to over 100,000 people and received standing ovations in each city or town we went to.

We were also invited to go to the Edinburgh fringe Festival in London but sadly due to funding werent able to attend.

One very memorable year




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